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 BB2 Quiz Answers (Spoilers) 
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Post BB2 Quiz Answers (Spoilers)
Since I haven't seen anything about it anywhere yet, I thought I'd post some answers to the quiz here. For those who don't know, the quiz is in the Extras menu after your first playthrough and if you get all 10 questions correct, you unlock a special character (Moetan, an ent that's a bit stronger than regular ents).

There are slight spoilers here, but I guess you wouldn't be here unless you've already beaten the game, eh?

NOTE: Some questions might have two different answers, but both will not appear at the same time.

Q: What's Meryl's position?
A: Dungeon master

Q: What was Marialis's original position?
A: Battalion commander

Q: What's Ekate's duty during the game?
A: Gatekeeper

Q: Which is not a Celestial soldier?
A: Banner angel

Q: What's the name of the enemy base?
A: Castle Baldaquin

Q: Who's married?
A: Tatsumaki / Golan

Q: Who has red hair?
A: Parshy

Q: Who has animal ears?
A: Kasha / Kona

Q: Who's Izana's superior?
A: Oldeus

Q: Who is Darx and Forzelotte's daughter?
A: Kozelotte

Q: Who wears glasses?
A: Meryl

Q: Who kidnapped Darx?
A: Junkheap

Q: Who doesn't appear in the throne room in the ending?
A: Kozelotte

Q: Who was injured at the start of the game?
A: Golan

Q: Who doesn't appear in this game?
A: Cass

Q: Which goo doesn't exist in this game?
A: White unigoo

Q: Where was Tojo at the beginning?
A: The Third Level

Q: Where does Lily appear?
A: Flame of Valor

Q: Where does Echo appear?
A: Effervescent Sea

Q: Where does Kona appear?
A: Flame of Valor

Q: Where does Crowe appear?
A: Path of Light

Q: What skill does a fairy have when hired?
A: Zephyr/ Healing Touch

Q: What's a zommie's innate ability?
A: Punchable Face

Q: What's a werebear's innate ability?
A: Scapegoat

Q: What's a beladonna's innate ability?
A: Tenacious

Q: What's a dark mage's innate ability?
A: Channeler

Q: What's a dark knight's innate ability?
A: Anticipation

Q: What's a pigman's innate ability?
A: Selfless

Q: What's a slimer's innate ability?
A: Evasive Ally

Q: What's a succubus's innate ability?
A: Perceptive

Q: What's a woolf's innate ability?
A: Scary Look

Q: What's a slasher's innate ability?
A: Ferocious

Q: What's a triclops's innate ability?
A: Insightful

Q: What does Filliane fight with?
A: Twin swords

Q: What does Izana fight with?
A: Sword

Q: What's the best description of Sharp and Flat?
A: Talkative

Q: What's the best description of Crowe?
A: Extremely forgetful

Q: What's the best description of Jon?
A: Money lover

Q: What was inside the Aureum Encyclopedia Alimenta?
A: Recipes

Q: What part of an angler is inedible?
A: Teeth

Q: What are Paniverna, Izana, and Ultinia called?
A: The Three Seraphim

Q: What does a waitress maid have?
A: A Tray

Q: What does Doua have?
A: An eyepatch

Q: What does Ultinia have on her head?
A: A tiara

Q: What color is Dah's hair?
A: Green

Q: What color is Echo's hair?
A: Blue

Q: What color is Oldeus's hair?
A: White

Q: What color are Ultinia's wings?
A: White

Q: What is the command cost of dark mages?
A: 6

Q: What is the command cost of goliaths?
A: 8

Q: What is the command cost of meatotaurs?
A: 7

Q: What's Filliane's lineage?
A: Holy Flame

Q: What's Marialis's lineage?
A: Holy Light

Q: What's Izana's lineage?
A: Holy Sea

Q: What's Ultinia's lineage?
A: Holy Light

Q: What is Paniverna's lineage?
A: Holy Flame

Q: What's Momo's class?
A: Shorn

Q: What's Tatsumaki's class?
A: Samurai

Q: What's Lily's class?
A: Pixie

Q: What's Kona's class?
A: Hylf

Q: What's Crowe's class?
A: Blackbird

Q: What's Echo's class?
A: Songstress

Q: What's Dah's class?
A: Steppe

Q: What's a dista's element?
A: Earth

Q: What's a grimoire's element?
A: Light

Q: What's a hylf's element?
A: Fire

Q: What's a steppe's element?
A: Light

Q: What's a songstress's element?
A: Wind

Q: What's a triclops's element?
A: Dark

There is a "Choose a button" question (can be two-button or four-button), and it seems to be pretty random.

There's also a grid sudoku-like question that pops up. There's more than one version, so I'm not gonna bother listing them here. I'm sure you guys are smart enough to figure it out: just make sure each row, column, and block has one of every number 1-9.

I may have missed some questions (I ran through the quiz like 30 times), especially some about elements or innate abilities. If you have any additional ones to add, or any corrections, let me know.

Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:20 pm
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