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 Project Galaxy Angel "saves for convenience" if you want 
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Post Project Galaxy Angel "saves for convenience" if you want

I've just finished creating some "saves" for the whole trilogy for convenience's sake if you want them. ... saves.html

Specifically, I'm "saving" on the first line directly after each battle, so when you get to the battle screen you can "skip" the battle by just loading the next save. It's convenient if you just want to play through for plot or character details.

Specifically, for the first game in the trilogy, Project G.A., I've labelled these:

Forte backup 1
Forte backup 2
Milfeulle backup 1
Milfeulle backup 2
Normal backup
Ranpha backup 1
Ranpha backup 2
Vanilla backup 1
Vanilla backup 2

The reason for this is because Project Galaxy Angel doesn't have as many "save slots" as Moonlit Lovers and Eternal Lovers do.

So here's what to do once you download my saves (as well as the "100% complete album save" I've also uploaded, so you don't have to "unlock the album all over again" like I did):

First, choose one of the "1" backup folders (Milfeulle 1, Ranpha 1, etc.) and copy (NOT CUT AND PASTE, in case you want these again later!) the saves from that folder in the C:\Users\your-name-here\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\BROCCOLI\GalaxyAngel\saves folder. Then, start a new game and then play to your heart's content when Tact, Milfeulle, Ranpha, and Forte are introduced.

A battle will start, but instead of having to play through the battle, go to the menu and click "Load" and load the save at the top of the list, which will resume from the very first line spoken after this battle.

Then, play through the game how you wish, loading from the next save down every time a battle comes up. However, you'll notice that, again because Project Galaxy Angel has few save slots, you'll run out of saves after you load the last save, which resumes from right after the only battle in Vanilla's chapter.

Keep playing anyway until chapter 7 arrives and you have to pick a date for the dance on Fargo. Play through the dance sub-plot, then when a battle is about to start, exit the game. Now, replace all the saves from the "2" backup folder of your chosen Angel (Mint 2, Forte 2, etc.), and start the game again. This time, the first save at the top of the list will resume from right after the battle over Fargo. Then, just keep playing through the game this way until you get your Angel's good ending.

Now, why the "Normal backup folder" you ask? Well, these are an exception, because they aren't actually convenience saves. I just put it here for completion's sake; these saves are all during the "Big Choice" during chapter 10 where picking the right choice lets you get a good ending while picking the wrong choice gets you the "normal ending."

The problem is, Chitose's route in Moonlit Lovers and Eternal Lovers assumes that you went the "normal" route, so you have to make one of the Angels dump you before playing Chitose's route later. That's what this folder is for. Load one of these saves (first is Milfeulle, second is Ranpha, third is Mint, fourth is Forte, and fifth is Vanilla), then pick the bottom choice so the Angel dumps you. Then, play through the battles and win, and get the normal ending.

Then resume with Chitose's route in Moonlit Lovers.

I'll upload the Moonlit Lovers and Eternal Lovers saves shortly.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention: in the first game in the trilogy, Shiva has a "sub-route". I decided, randomly, that I'd get Shiva's sub-route and the scenes to go with it while doing the "Forte Stollen" route. So if you play Forte's route and you load some later saves and you suddenly see the extra "Shiva" scenes, that's why.

SECOND EDIT: Thanks to Rico S for pointing out that I made an error in typing the "file directory". I have now fixed that error above.

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Post Re: Project Galaxy Angel "saves for convenience" if you want
Greatly appreciated, MartialArtsMaster. It's quite a coincidence that I was looking for backup saves of GA trilogy games few days before you posted these.

And a bit of correction;
MartialArtsMaster wrote:
...the saves from that folder in the C:\Users\your-name-here\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\BROCCOLI\GalaxyAngel\saves folder...

By the way, for convenience sake I turned off UAC as soon as I installed Win7 in my PC, so that the save data wouldn't be saved in 'VirtualStore' folder. Is there any alternative directory?

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Post Re: Project Galaxy Angel "saves for convenience" if you want
In that case, I think the computer might store the saves in your "My Documents" folder, but I'm not sure about that, because I wasn't even aware VirtualStore could be turned off.

Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:19 am
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