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Reading Eternal Lover's Script Files
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Author:  Anzu Sakuraba [ Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Reading Eternal Lover's Script Files

Hello there,

First off, I wanted to thank anyone and everyone who worked on these translations. The GA series has been one of my all time favorite VNs for a long time sinec I bought them in Japan many years ago, so it has been fun to relive the nostalgia by playing them as fan translations.

My question is about the scripts for Eternal Lovers. I know the scripts for the GA/GAML are .scn files located in each game's gadat001 file. Now, I've been able to open these just fine with a text editor and read them that way. However, when unpacking the gadat001 file with EL's gapak application, I find that the files are similar in naming structure, but the extensions are now .isb, and are not viewable in a text editor, at least they don't look then way that Aroduc mentions in the main thread. They're just junk data in a text editor.

So, I was curious if anyone here could inform me on how to be able to read these .isb files for EL's scripts.

Thanks in advance.


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