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 Destiny vs Justice Changes 
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Post Destiny vs Justice Changes
Will not include exceedingly minor things such as slightly different wordings, changed references, or something being bleeped in one but not the other. In general though, the language is more toned down and often less vulgar. For example, saying "Gave herself to me" instead of "Gave her virginity to me." Some changes, however, are just mystifying, like "Necrotech" becoming "Necromatic." The panty shots in the CGs are all covered up and most of the sex scenes are replaced by fades to black, but it's always obvious or even directly said what's going on. I'll note the ones that get replaced instead of just skipped over.

VA Lists
Taiga -- None / Sugiyama Noyiaki
Mia -- Kaori / Shitaya Noriko
Lily -- Kanari Kanzaki / Kobayashi Sanae
Berio -- Nishida Komugi / Takahashi Mikako
Kaede -- Oda Marina / Itou Shizuka
Rico -- Kasuga Ann / Minami Omi
Nanashi -- Shion Miyabi / Nabatame Hitomi
Crea -- Kamisa Akari / Mizuhashi Kaori
Muriel -- Oonami Konami / Yamaguchi Yuriko
Dahlia -- Matsushita Miyabi / Ohara Sayaka
Downy -- Narita Ken / Hayami Shou
Sel -- Ishikawa Daisuke / Mizushima Takahiro
Shezar -- Maekawa Takeshi / Suwabe Junichi
Mudou -- Miyabayashi Yasushi / Norio Wakamoto
Imnity -- Mikagami / Mamiko Noto
Lobelia -- Shion Miyabi / Nabatame Hitomi


Additional system voice options:
Taiga (ID 0)
Black Papillon (ID 7 and continuing from here)

Chocolat Savior (an extra fandisk) is included on the disk, unlocked by completing MiaA.

Very (VERY) slightly extended Chapter outros (ie literally just: "Next Chapter: XXX." Plus some tagline)
Taiga does the voiceover for 1-8. Route-specific heroine for remaining chapters.

The new OP for Destiny (No Way Out) plays when the game is booted up. Fatally plays as normal partway through the prologue/chapter 1. The version linked is from the ORIGINAL Duel Savior and is the one Destiny uses. Justice has a slightly modified version.

Somewhat related, in Destiny, the final final route's last boss theme is No Way Out instead of Fatally.

Destiny also has an additional ED (A Song From the Land of Fate) that plays after the normal ED with a separate credit roll for Alchemist. It is awful.


A number of combat sounds were changed. Much of it was increasing sound effect volume. This is most noticeable with Mia's arrow attacks which are much louder than before.

There are also some internal changes, including a few new scripting commands for how delayed output is handled.

Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:46 am
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Post Re: Destiny vs Justice Changes
Chapter 1:
Added Mia/Golem CG

Chapter 2:
Berio sex changed to taking a bath with her.

Chapter 4:
Added Mia porridge CG
Kaede masturbating replaced by taking a bath with her.

Chapter 5:
Lily stripping changed to happy fun bathing suit dressup time (CG changed to simply have a bikini)

Chapter 6:
Added Lily/Taiga CG
Kaede upsidedown 69 changed to bunny girl funtimes

Chapter 7:
CG of Nanashi's face art altered (different words, shading, and glow on Lily's hand)
69 with Rico changed to bathtime.

Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:22 pm
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Post Re: Destiny vs Justice Changes
Herorine routes in general are more or less the same. Sex is replaced by fade outs and a corny head shot on a pink background. Berio, Lily, and Mia all get one of those and they are all terrible.

Heavily modified CG for Crea/Rebellion (bra added, reframed, rod thing repositioned over stomach)

Heavily modified CG of Principal's seal (clothes added, shackles and gag removed, hair redrawn for some reason...)


Harem/Crea Route:
Heavily restructured to include Crea as the centerpiece. Specifically:

After MiaA is cleared, additional events with Crea during Free Action choices appear along with associated CGs.
Almost the entirety of the start of the group date is completely changed, plus Crea added to picnic.
Bridge battle party changed (PC Team A: Taiga, Lily, Mia. PS2 Team A: Taiga, Lily, Nanako (same as Lily route))*
Crea added to Gargantua invasion
Completely different epilogue

Uh, actually, it's not. The game claims that it is, but it is not. Moving to TL notes and fixing as best I can.

Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:18 pm
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Post Re: Destiny vs Justice Changes

Altered stand sprites
Dahlia (nipple slip covered)
Papillon (straps expanded to bikini)
Nanako (skirt lengthened/repaired so no panty shots, multiple versions)
Mia in night shirt (closed/lengthened so no panty shots)

I probably could clumsily import them into Justice, but I really don't think the amount of work that'd require would be worth it for the final result.

Music/Replay Gallery
Technically, I personally didn't mess around with the CG gallery either, but these galleries are complex and a headache, so no. Justice's gallery remains completely intact.

The next ep previews are some kind of complicated macro using script commands that don't exist in the PC version, so I just made stuff up instead. I also changed many of the later CGs for them since the ones they used were stupid. My favorite was the one that was a tiled background.

Crea's sprites in her final chapter are technically wrong/different from what they should be. Another complicated thing that I really can't fix well.

Destiny only EDs are cut. Only decent way I could implement them anyway are just literally recording them and playing them back as a movie.

Destiny ver.OP is also just ignored and Justice's default OP is used. Same with the title screen. Destiny's is just vanilla DS's anyway.

Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:38 pm
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