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Settings problems / request: game resolution and stretching
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Author:  Zincat [ Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Settings problems / request: game resolution and stretching

Hello. I would like to report a problem I had.
After installing the game, the append disks and then the english patch, and starting the game, I had this problem on game execution.

My monitor resolutions is 1920 x 1080 native. I set the game to fullscreen via the in-game menu. The game does go to full screen, and the game image is in a widescreen aspect-size, but it is very small. Like, it's a small widescreen rectangle that only uses about a third of the entire monitor surface.

After tinkering with my card drivers settings ( I have an ati, catalyst drivers 12.1) without any success, I went to the start menu entry for the game and found that there's a configuration screen accessible from the start menu that has considerably more settings than the one inside the game.

My graphical settings when I first opened it up where: fullscreen ticked on the left upper side, and then on the right resolution ticked, with some japanese text that I unfortunately can't translate (else I would not be using your translation patch :) ) Changing that value, for example to 1920x1080, results in an even smaller image once I start the game (like, a fourth or so of the entire screen if I set 1920x 1080)

I was able to solve my problem instead by selecting on the right virtual (which stretches the game to use the entire screen) and then leaving the first choice in the upper combobox and selecting in the lower combobox the second option (which smoothes the screen, removing the extremely pixellated look)

Now, I wanted to report this, because as far as I can see my friends did not have this ptoblem (maybe it's my ati card model, or the drivers, who knows), and also, I'd like to request a translation of that screen if at all possible (just what did I choose by trial end error exactly? :) )
Maybe a translation of that could be made available with the translation patch? just suggesting.

Author:  Sp12er [ Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Settings problems / request: game resolution and stretch

Unfortunately, I installed the game inside a SD card that I use most of the time to store games... so it's not displayed in the start screen menu folder. A bit frustated now... First time was a mistake of mouse error (uncompatible driver) that manage to access the setting menu now How can i access it again?
I'm using Windows 10 BTW which is atrocious for its bad start menu search.

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