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Black Thumbnail?
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Author:  Lyricpiece [ Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:52 am ]
Post subject:  Black Thumbnail?


Does anyone know how to fix this? The game itself works fine and there's no crashing issues but seeing it bugs me quite a bit. With saved games or even brand new games, it always shows a black thumbnail on the load data screen. This wasn't always the case. A couple years ago when I played, there were no thumbnail issues whatsoever. I recently reformatted my computer though and didn't bring the save files (Didn't know the files were in the /AppData/ folder) so that stung quite a bit. I then found a save editor and tried to replicate as much as I could and played the game as normal.

I dunno when the thumbnail issue happened though, I just kinda ignored it since it didn't affect gameplay but it's bugging me more and more now so I figured I may as well see if anybody knows how to remedy it.

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