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 Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot 
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Post Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot

Feel free to move any of this information wherever.

Searchable material dict
I don't mind if you copy that to a different wiki if you want. Got tired of it after doing the materials only. It doesn't include most 2.0 additions or what Yard items can give materials as a harvest.


Route split begins near the end of chapter 3 when the kid asks you to find the chisel. Once that quest is finished, the route is fixed. The priority goes Yuela > Serawi > Emelita. If you don't fulfill either the Yuela or Serawi requirements, you automatically default to Emelita.

Almost all character events are tied to either level or chapter. If you aren't getting their events, level them (or Wil) up more. Crayanne and Crayl also share events, so you need to level both to trigger them.

Yuela Route
View Yuela's measurement scene (Aht lv 6 or Sharty lv 12)
Uya joined (not just guest)
Melodiana guest (or joined)
View her event when given the option in chapter 2 or 3

Serawi Route
Aht joined
Suina joined
Crayl joined
View her event when given the option in chapter 2 or 3

Character join conditions:

All characters from here down (including appends) are NG+ only

Default Install


Gold Alchemy

Hannah's Pilgrimage

Version 2.0


New Game+ Bonuses

Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:27 pm
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Post Re: Playtesting Notes
This is useful, so here:

Costume requirements
Earth -- Ch1+, Aht Lv6
Dark -- Ch3+, Sharty Lv12
Fire -- Ch4+, Clear Quest 59 (given by Tian in chapter. Requires Saerav)
Omni -- Ch6+, Aht Lv14, Suina Lv12, Saerav Lv18, Crayl Lv18
Light -- Ch7+, Elizasleyn joined
Gothic -- NG+
Cameo -- NG+ and Gold Disk Append

Water -- Ch1+, Suina Lv7
Omni -- Ch3+, Melodiana joined
Light -- Ch5-6, Clear Quest 75 (Melodiana lv 15, Wil lv 22)
Earth -- Crayanne Lv 28
Wind -- Ch8, Gaptahl joined
Gothic -- NG+
Cameo -- NG+ and Gold Disk Append

Wind -- Ch2+, Crayl joined
Water -- Ch3+, Suina Lv 15, Quest 5 cleared (mandatory ch3 quest)
Dark -- Ch5+, Melodiana Lv25, Sharty Lv25
Fire -- Ch7+, Clear Fox Shrine dungeon (Clear Kohakuren quests, then Saerav events in Ch7 to open it)
Omni -- Ch7*, All Yuichiri, Gaptahl, and Paraskevas events cleared, Crayanne Lv 28, Kohakuren Lv35
Gothic -- NG+
Cameo -- NG+ and Gold Disk Append

*It's awarded in chapter 8, but some of these quests have portions that need to be done by chapter 7.

Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:59 pm
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Post Re: Game/Testing Notes
Elemental modifier rates:
◎ = Absorb 100% damage inflicted as HP
× = 0% Damage
S+ = 25% Damage
S = 50% Damage
A+ = 75% Damage
A = 90% Damage
B = 100% Damage
C = 110% Damage
D = 120% Damage
E = 130% Damage
F = 140% Damage
F- = 150% Damage

('Physical' counts as an element, Omni is always 100%)
Equippables that modify resistance move the rates up or down along that list. IE, equipping a +Resist Dark accessory on a unit with × Dark resist raises them to absorb.


Furniture that triggers events:

Kamidori Poster
Lovers Futon/Double Bed/Sultan's Bed (dependent on heroine route on)
Honeymoon Bed
Broom/Magic Broom/Automatic Broom (req. Eushully)
Private Shelves
Eggy (req. Anastasia)
God Slayer Statue
Warrior Statue
Goddess Statue

Hot Springs (Leguna and heroines)
Hot Springs (Saerav and Crayl)
Hot Springs (Crayl and Crayanne)
Hot Springs (Melodiana and Elizasleyn)
Hot Springs (Aht and Kohakuren)
Outdoor Grill
Food Stall (Subset of Grill event above (?))
Ramen Stall (Req. B. Eushully)
Fountain of Youth (Added with 2.0, for transmigration)

Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:52 pm
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Post Re: Game/Testing Notes
Class change level crap
Things in parens are requirements for the quest to begin, not to clear it.

Advances one class per chapter plus two special ones in NG+

Wil's NG+ classes

Lv 15, 30, 50, 70, 99

Lv 10
Quest 25 (Aht lv 15, chapter 5)
Quest 26 (Aht lv 26, Emi lv28, chapter 7)
Level 50, 70, 99

Lv 12
Quest 34 AND 35 (Suina lv22, chapter 7)
Lv 50, 75, 99

Lv 18, 35, 55, 80, 99

Lv 18, 30, 50, 70, 99

Lv 18
Chapter 7 event/quest thing
Lv 55, 70, 99

Lv 20
Quest 52 AND 53 (Melo lv 35, chapter 8)
Lv 55, 80, 99

Lv 34, 50, 70, 99

Lv 43, 55, 80, 99

Lv 40, 50, 75, 99

Lv 45, 55, 80, 99

Lv 50, 65, 80, 99

Lv 50, 65, 80, 99

Here down are NG+ only

Vanilla install

Gold Alchemy

Hannah's Pilgrimage

Append 2.0

Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:03 pm
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Post Re: Useful Lists and Things
Money tips
Remember to sell Treasure items (gems, bags of coins, rare drops)*
Don't waste money, especially on Enhancement, early in the game.
Enhance costumes intelligently. Cost is determined by how much of the grid you already have filled and the distance from the current spot, so if you go down a dead-end branch, be aware that it will cost at least 10-20k to leave that branch. Do not be afraid to hold off enhancing costumes for NG+, especially for non-route characters (only route character's costume scenes will be available beginning in ch5)
Prioritize Price in the store. By about chapter 6, goods will be flying off the shelf even without assigning a clerk. Everything WILL get sold, Price lets you maximize the amount it sells for.
And there's always the Deadbeat Dungeon. There's no actual penalty besides the shame of using it.

*One of Hannah's quests added by 2.0 is for a rather large array of gems, but 2.0 quests are not meant to be completed on first games anyway.

Generally Handling Money
The best way is to just flip through your alchemy lists for anything you can make that costs a decent amount that you have a billion materials for. Weapons are where you're usually going to find something, although some furniture too and in the early game, the general sales items aren't bad. If you need money quickly though...

Chapter 1-3:
100% Clear Conditions and Quest rewards should give you more than enough to get by. Your shop probably won't sell much. That's normal.
Bows and Crystals are mostly made from cheap materials and sell for a good amount.

Chapter 4-7:
The shop works decently at this point, but you'll want/need to put decent storekeepers in. You should have enough units to leave one or two behind usually.
If you need cash immediately/desperately, farm Treasure Puttetos at the Amurent Forest Free Map (reload map if one isn't present when map begins). Equip a Mill (first one is at Yuma Lake Free Map, Bronze Key needed) for double drops and get 4k-10k of treasure items in a couple rounds (Chests are a rare drop worth 10k each). Use weapons/characters with Pierce to give a chance to kill it in one hit.

Chapter 8+:
Fully upgrade Workshop and increase Tools to at least 66 with furniture. That lets you upgrade wood at 1:1. 1 Plywood + 1 Ivy (easy to grow in Yard) = Barrel Pile which sells for 1k (3k+ for upgraded Store specced for Price). ~7 Wood can be farmed from nearly any forest area in one quick trip, so a round trip with a yard full of Ivy furniture nets about 18k in sellable barrels.

The goblins on the upper levels of the NG+ mine spawn up to ~6 a turn on certain maps. They have two rare drops worth a base value of 8k or 11k. Selling them at the store lets you at least triple that through furniture (Prices stat) up to around 25k-33k if not much higher. Ragsmuena or almost any NG+ character can easily farm them with +Drop accessories equpped to build up a quick stack of the items.

Money Requirements For Sidequests
Most (none?) need to be completed right away

Ch 3
Alcohol 1: 2,000
Alcohol 2: 5,000

Ch 5
Lake: 20,000 (Quest begins chapter 4 but can't be finished until 5)
Alcohol 3: 20,000
Book: 10,000

Ch 6
Merchant: 30,000 (5,000 option available, but dungeon in quest won't have treasure items worth 60k)

Hannah: 80,000 (NG+ only, money needs to be spent buying items from the church)
Tian1*: 100,000
Tian2: 500,000
Tian3: 1,000,000
All Tian quests require finishing his materials quests in ch 7 first which like all 2.0 quests, are nigh impossible in first games.
*All three of Tian's money quests are VERY bugged. See the bug thread for details.

NG+ (Wil required to be Meister or Magnus rank)
Yard1: 500,000
Yard2: 800,000
Yard3: 1,000,000
Yard4: 1,500,000
Yard5: 2,000,000

Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:51 pm
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Post Re: Useful Lists
Mutation list
No idea what the calculation is for something mutating into something else. Sorry. Just make ~10 at a time with a high level Workshop and usually you'll get 1 or 2 mutations.

This list is pre-Append 2.0 There were a couple more added there, most notably the mutations for Leguna and Golem's artifacts.

Ch 1+
Blue Dragon -> Sea Dragon
Gnome Necklace -> Mountain Necklace
Undine Necklace -> Blizzard Necklace*
Ifrit Necklace -> Inferno Necklace*
Sprite Necklace -> Typhoon Necklace
Angel Necklace -> Consecrated Necklace*
Demon Necklace -> Nightmare Necklace
Mining Bracelet** -> Master Key
Small Bookshelf -> Tiny Wardrobe
Large Bookshelf -> Large Wardrobe*
Gorgeous Bookshelf -> Luxurious Wardrobe
Broom -> Magic Broom

Ch 4+
Rapid Bow -> Morph Bow
Reinforced Bow -> Morph Bow
Swanwing Bow -> Morph Bow
Sacred Bow -> Morph Bow
Mare Bow -> Morph Bow

After Melo joins
Staff of Light -> Magi Staff

*Needed for a 2.0 Quest
**Available ONLY on Serawi's route

Yeah, that's all that can mutate. Another mechanic Eushully appears to have kind of forgotten about around 33% through the game.

Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:50 am
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Post Re: Useful Lists
Have a list of the minimum level characters need to be to hit every event by chapter.

That list's just transcribed from the Japanese wiki. It's when events can possibly expire, like Serawi's pollution search thing requires Wil level 11 (I think...) and obviously can't come up in ch 4+. Or something. *shrug* Whatever, yo.

Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:59 am
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Post Re: Useful Lists
Just a brief note concerning Gamble Attacks. Each outcome is actually stored as a separate attack in the init files.
Ultra can be +3 Str, +20 Str, or -99 Str
Omega can be +5 Str, +30 Str, or -99 Str

Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:24 pm
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Units immune to the barrier in the lvl 70 Misanshel escort mission are:


All other units take 40 HP and 40 SP damage/turn (down to 1 HP/0 SP) when on the ruins squares, regardless of elemental strengths or weaknesses.

Some 2.0 maps have similar effects for other elements too. Maybe I'll fill that in later.

Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:50 am
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Cards mechanics:
Unlike battle/level up results, cards are on a strictly RNG instead of a random seed. IE, they can be save scummed. However, the pool of available results per card depends on what 'chapter' the card belongs to.



Eu Cards have a slightly different mechanic.

There are 8 hardset for the feathers/wings for each mascot (2 each) and 7 that will give a random feather/wing.

There are 8 hardset for each of their unique materials (2 each) and 2 Eu cards that give a random mascot material.

Colored steels cannot be acquired until the character's second synthesis quest is completed (requires the char to be level 55, then visit Eushully's house to begin). They will not spawn at all until you have completed the quest (no idea how the random ones work though).

There are 8 hardset for each of their colored steels and 3 that give a random colored steel.

* Requires revisit
** Requires Hannah's Pilgrimage append disk

Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:45 am
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Experience Awarded

What determines experience awarded:
A.) Character level
B.) Monster's BASE level (as given on their dict entry)
C.) Monster's BASE experience (as given on their dict entry)

Here is a helpful table that parses it all out for defeating or simple combat.

AoE is half that.

Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:00 pm
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
I swear I had noted this somewhere, but apparently not.
The calculation for Projectile Defense's damage reduction is 20 +(x*10)% where x is the number of spaces away.
IE, a ranged attack from one square away (adjacent) will be reduced by 30%. A ranged attack from three squares away will be reduced by 50%.

Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:08 pm
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Monster Traps:
There's a 2.0 quest requiring killing 100 Greyhounds and then synthing an item. You need materials from a level 90 dungeon for it, so don't bother grinding them unless you can handle it.
Finishing this quest unlocks recipes for other monster traps (not noted anywhere) when you have 30 kills of those monsters. The possible monsters are:
Chamyl Dragons
Tainted Saerav

If you're playing in the Japanese version (ie, some of the names are shared across multiple monsters), then only the lowest class/basic/initial kind of those monsters count. IE, the level 90 Gutehound type in the Phema Mountains do NOT count, nor does the young/puppy version despite them all sharing the same name.

Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:05 am
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot

Have fun. I'll get the rest of the 2.0 additions later. Someone else can add maps if they want.

Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:31 pm
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
See here for questions about quests with non-obvious generation/clear requirements.

Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:26 pm
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot

B Eushully material
Cliffside Church - Trail to the Church
Dijenel Borderlands - Monster Nest

The cliffside church one is wrong. It's at the "Mountain in the sky" map, not "Trail to the Church".

Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:45 pm
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Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Here's the list of item names with Japanese equivilents to assist in searching on Japanese wikis. Bear in mind the translation issues making many of the item names not match up before you start getting uppity about seemingly mistranslated things. An easy example is the set of *姫の首飾り necklaces (2nd level elemental resist). Text box width is 18 characters and "Princess Necklace" takes up 17 characters (all 18 with the space), so there's no choice but to discard the original. "Reyshia Pearl" items suffered a similar fate due to length, but there are many more in there with reasons that I've long since forgotten.

Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:11 pm
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Just got this mutated item and didn't see it on your list

Venus Flytrap -> Audrey III

Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:07 pm
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Later in the game when you have high selling prices and you're able to buy the salves with price 300 from the church (Hit Salve, Evasion Salve and so on) there is a pretty easy way to make money:
Buy the salves in the church for 300 and sell them again in the workshop for more than that.
Warning: This does not work with low selling prices, if you're not sure just buy one and look at its selling price in the workshop.

With my shop stats: prices 316%, sales 300%, attract 300%, 80 stock.
With all salves fully stocked this yields for me:
About 130k per 10 days with 06 clerks.
About 415k per 10 days with 19 clerks.

The main time waster with this method is buying the salves and stocking them in the shop, since you can just use the forward button to make the time pass ;)
(As am I not aware of a method to buy or stock a big amount like 100 items at once with a few clicks instead of clicking a hundred times on the plus icon or holding the mouse button for quite a while)

Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:38 pm
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Aritfact drop location

Advent Bay
Pale rider - Mylen's artifact
Cherubim - Melodiana's artifact
Seraphim - Evelyn's artifact
Ophanim - Asmodeus's artifact
Ascended One - Crayl's artifact

Mirage Forest
Daitengu - Rags's artifact
Jormungand - Aht's artifact
Bahamut - Roka's artifact
Fafnir - Crayanne's artifact
Erdgeist - Selvari's artifact

Phema Sluicegate
Abyssal Terror - Paraskevas's artifact
Garuda - Gaptahl's artifact
Devilfish - Anastasia's artifact
Quetzalcoatl - Kohakuren's artifact
Lenia Vea - Suina artifact

Phema Mountains
Razorwing - Phinilly's artifact
Thunder Wyrm - Emelita's artifact
Freki - Uya's artifact
Siren - Eliza's artifact

Valkyrie Falls
Gigas - Yuela's artifact
Orc - Wil's artifact
Drakaina - Lyphia's artifact
Norn - Ms. Eukleia
Idsi - B.Eushully
Valkyrie - W.Eushully

Hannah's artifact is crafted
Lily's artifact is in a chest where Slime Princess was (requires you to finish Advent Bay once)
Leguna and Golem's artifacts are mutated from their unique accessories

Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:27 am
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Sharty's artifact is crafted (clear Valkyrie Falls AND have 250+ sense)

(to get every recipe you need knowledge/sense 250 AND pass other conditions)

Character Specific Accessories

Python Bracelet (Suina) - Iron Worm
Pure Anklet (Aht) - Tainted Earthman
Secret Bracelet (Crayl) - Wraith
Lucky Bracelet (Sharty) - Bekorito
Enduring Collar (Uya) - Segpent
Revival Bracelet (Melodiana) - Deadwolf
Refilling Bracelet (Kohakuren) - Berserk Naiad (Non Yuela Route only)
Mirror Bracelet (Elizasleyn) - Felura, Deva (Serawi route only (4x Felura in Dirwong Forest, no respawn) or NG+)
Time Bracelet (Crayanne) - Treant (Non Emelita route only or NG+)
Charisma Bracelet (Paraskervas) - Alkeni
Desperate Bracelet (Gaptahl) - Takush (Spawns in Rogue's Den in Limestone Caverns after first visit)
Deathless Bracelet (Ragsmuena) - Zombie Goble

edit: restyled and added character specific accessories
edit2: corrected, thanks AURU486 and Blanchimont
edit3: and one again, thanks AURU486

Last edited by Slaynie on Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:06 am, edited 4 times in total.

Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:47 am
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
This is not really a thread for asking questions, but since it's useful information to have here, and it's not here--

Saves are found at %LocalAppData%\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター\SAVE

If you don't know how to find %LocalAppData%, just type it into the Run... dialog, which can be accessed by holding the Windows key and pressing R.

Last edited by Calessa on Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:49 am, edited 1 time in total.

Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:35 am
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Calessa wrote:
Saves are found at %AppData%\Roaming\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター\SAVE

If you don't know how to find %AppData%, just type it into the Run... dialog, which can be accessed by holding the Windows key and pressing R.

The saves aren't stored in the roaming profile, but in the local profile. Which is wrong btw, but Eushully did it like that, so... Also, %AppData% already points *inside* the Roaming folder.

It's actually in "%LocalAppData%\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター\SAVE". %LocalAppData% is only defined on Windows Vista and newer though; if you're on Windows XP it should be somewhere like "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Eushully\神採りアルケミーマイスター\SAVE". However, the "Local Settings" folder name is system language dependent; the translated name is not UI fluff like on Vista+, so you need to check for that too.

Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:42 am
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
Some unlisted mutations for the mascot characters.

Orange Spira -> Purple Spira
Muddy Kettle -> Black Putettle
Charcoal Bucket -> Dark Gate Bucket
Cold Wing Fan -> Hot Air Fan

Also I think the eu card list is incomplete. At the end of my first NG+ I had 3 Purple Maid wings, 4 Pink Maid feathers and 5 of the other ones. And since I had already wasted 4 to make their main weapons that means that there are 21 eu cards total for feathers/wings instead of the 15 listed. I remember 2 being in Advent Bay, and one in another lvl 90 dungeon but I have no idea about the rest.

Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:26 am
Post Re: Useful Lists/Tips/Whatnot
To continue off Aroduc's mention of maps with HP/SP/FP decrease for all units not of a certain element, the only other map besides the Misanshel escort mission that does this is, I believe, Mirage Forest. The only characters that are immune to the stat drains are:

Yuela (Beast Armor)
Emelita (Pumpkin Robe)
Stone Golem

The rest have their current (not total) HP decreased by 70 points (non-fatal) and current SP/FP decreased by 30 points every turn. Needless to say, it is a very difficult map with Sandstorm terrain eating up 4 FP with every tile. As far as I know, no item renders a character (who isn't already earth-aligned) immune to the HP/SP/FP draining. You may want to start stacking up on Breaths of Elyun. :V

Also, at some point (I'm not sure when, but it's very late in the game), two items become available for synthesis that seem to be intended to help you with some of the 2.0 dungeons, i.e.,

Valkyrie Falls (Every monster in the dungeon has a skill that causes instant death)
Phema Mountains (Every monster in the dungeon is capable of casting a wind spell that has a range of 5 squares and has an incredibly high chance of charming your characters as well as causing other status effects)

To counteract these circumstances, the 'Reaper Bane'' and Faithful Necklace' accessories render your characters immune to death and charm respectively.

Reaper Bane requires:
Mole Bracelet
Electric Rock
Ghost Essence

Faithful Necklace requires:
Fish Bracelet
Swan Grass
Ghost Essence

Apologies if this sounds like obvious shit, but I actually didn't notice those accessories until after I did those dungeons, at which point I was moderately seething with rage due to the ludicrous circumstances those dungeons had. Many Breaths of Elyun, Bloods of Revival, and Goddess Tears were wasted that day.... :<

Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:03 am
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